Is It Recommended to Lose Weight Before Smart Lipo?

I was quoted $2,500 for a chest Smart Lipo. I'm about to get this chest proceduce from a doctor in Zachary, LA. I'm excited about it and I think it's a good price.

I set my Smart Lipo procedure 2 months from the doctor consultation. I want to go into the surgery maybe 20lbs lighter to help the area look better after it's done.

Is it common for someone to lose weight before the surgery or just go with the surgery as is?

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Weight loss before lipo

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Patients are recommended to be at a stable and ideal weight before their surgery. If losing 20lbs brings you to your ideal weight, and you can maintain it even after your surgery, then you should lose the weight. But if it's not doable, then it's better to just be at the weight you are. However, you should ask your surgeon for their opinion.

Reach ideal, stable weight first

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I always recommend that patients reach their ideal stable weight before pursuing and body contouring surgical procedure. It generally improves patient outcome. It is also safer for the patient if their BMI is within the normal range. Weight loss after your procedure can adversely affect your results.

Great idea to lose weight before SmartLipo, but only if done naturally

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We see many people who try to lose weight, but do it by using either phenteramine or other crutches. If that is the case, they usually just gain it back after the liposuction, so it's better to not lose weight under those circumstances. Keep in mind that liposuction will only end up taking a few ounces off at most and not even a pound, so if you gain weight afterwards it won't be all that great for your areas.

You should be close to your ideal weight before any liposuction.

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For any form of liposuction (Smartlipo, Vaser, tumescent, external ultrasound, PAL) you should be somewhat close to your ideal body weight. Liposuction is best for problem areas and should not be used to do complete body contouring.

Lose weight before Smart Lipo

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Yes, the best result is if you are at your ideal weight for any cosmetic operation, especially Smart Lipo. Make sure you get the MPX Smart Lipo unit. Regards.

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