Doctor Recommendation for Asian Rhinoplasty in New York or California

I'm Asian (from the Philippines). I'd like to improve my nose but wouldn't want any foreign objects to be inserted/implanted in my nose. I've seen a procedure on youtube where the doctor used the patient's own fascia and cartilage to improve the appearance of his patient's nose.

I'd like to have that same procedure. Can anyone recommend great doctors experts in performing ethnic/asian rhinoplasty? Want to research on this so I hope to get at least 5 California and New york.

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Asian Rhinoplasty Recommendations

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phils, I would recommend that you seek a specialist who shares a similar aesthetic philosophy and taste to your own.  For my Asian Rhinoplasty patients, I prefer to avoid foreign material to build up the bridge.  I prefer to use cartilage from your own body whenever possible to achieve a balanced and natural result.  Good luck!

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