Recommendations for facial asymmetry? (photo)

Considering jaw surgery due to issues with joint on right side of face (and slight cross bite). Would this surgery also help improve the appearance of the severe asymmetry I have between the left side and right side of my face?? Or what procedures would work best?

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Treatment options for Midface (cheekbone) asymmetry

Most of us have natural asymmetries in our midfaces (cheek area). Many people (myself included) have one side of the face that is flatter and broader, and one that is fuller and more narrow. The most common place to observe this asymmetry is in the area of the cheekbones. In my experience, women tend to notice it in themselves more than men, because women tend to notice as they put their blush on, that one side requires a bit more than the other to achieve the same highlighting effect.

Just as you can camouflage asymmetries in the cheeks and lips with makeup, you can also camouflage them in a more semi-permanent way with injectable facial fillers such as Perlane, Juvederm, new Juvederm Voluma, or Restylane.

The advantage of the hyaluronic acid facial fillers mentioned above is that they are easy to do, and are not permanent if you DON'T love the results. The disadvantage is that they are not permanent if you DO love the results. The hyaluronic acid fillers last about 5-6 months in the lips and 9-12 months in the cheeks (Note that the new Juvederm Voluma lasts up to 2 years in the cheeks). The more mobile an area is, the quicker the filler is absorbed. The most permanent solution is a custom designed implant.

I would recommend consultation with an experienced injector and/or surgeon. Good luck!

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Facial Asymmetry and Jaw Surgery

It is impossible to know how jaw surgery would affect your facial asymmetry since you would first need a treatment plan to see what bony changes would be done. However given your stated minimal occlusal deviation, your facia asymmetry would likely be unaffected by orthognathic surgery. It will require other procedures such as implants and fat grafting for better facial symmetry.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Recommendations for facial asymmetry? (photo)

First seek in person opinion from a dental/maxillo-facial surgeon as to anatomic issues. Than if orthodontics or "jaw" surgery can address these issue consider that stage I. Following this a rhinoplasty could also be beneficial.//

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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