Recommendations for an affordable surgeon?

Hope I'm posting this question in the correct place... I've heard that a lot of ob/gyns will do labiaplasty for an affordable cost, like under $1500.Can anyone recommend a doctor to me? Preferably on the East Coast, the closer to Maryland the better (though I would consider anything in the US or Canada.) Thanks!

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Here in Miami it seems costs are a lot lower than most of the country, I suppose because of the market forces here. Having said that, I doubt you could find an experienced, reputable plastic surgeon here to perform that for less than $2500 and that might be stretching it. "Good work ain't cheap, cheap work ain't good" so be careful. Shop the doctor, not the price.

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Experience with labiaplasty matters

and I abhor most of the trim results that are shown here, which essentially is an amputation type procedure.  Simple trimming leaves awful results.  The wedge is superior but there are some technical trim techniques that require precision cutting and sewing that can also produce good results.  Costs shouldn't be everything but in my rural practice, the cost for a straightforward labiaplasty done in the office under local will not exceed $2000.  What you don't want to do is have a really bad result that is challenging to reconstruct.

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Affordable labiaplasty


Be careful in what you ask for. I understand that you want to save money on this procedure, but you need to understand that not all practitioners perform labiaplasty the same way. If you do find a gyn who performs it at a "reasonable" cost make sure to ask the question,"How many of these do you perform a month?" Also it is my strong belief that the wedge resection method leads to a superior result compared to the "trim" technique. Make sure that your practitioner is conversant in both types of surgical technique.

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