How to Revise my Breast Augmentation to Make It Look More Natural?

Please Help! I have subglandular, cohesive gel, 400cc high profile implants & feel that they are very unnatural looking. They create a gap between my chest wall & my clothing. I had the augmentation done 3 yrs ago. I want to have it redone but am uncertain what changes I should make to correct this problem. I am thinking that I should change to a low profile implant, somewhat smaller than what I have now? Should I change to submuscular placement as well? I want a natural slope to my breasts.

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Options for correcting prominent upper breast after implant augmentation

Certainly a low profile smaller implant in the existing plane could do it. However, under the muscle would markedly improve and diminish the projection of the upper pole

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You can have natural look ,but you need to go smaller

Based on the limited view, you may have capsular contracture or too big  an implant. More views will help. I would suggest going sub muscular and also going smaller. For the patients that have too wide gap in the cleavage,I use fat injection. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon or submit more pictures.

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Natural Breast Augmentation Results

Based on the one photo, your description and your goals, I would recommend a consultation with one or more Board Certified Plastic Surgeons to get a sense of your options.  Revision breast surgery always takes more time and planning and you should make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page before proceeding.  That being said, to get a more modest, natural look, one idea is to change to smooth cohesive gel silicone implants, placed behind the muscle, and perhaps going down a size to a lower profile, wider implant may be in order as well.  That is certainly a reasonable approach, but it is a plan that you and your surgeon should work on together.

Good luck, Dr. S

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