Recommendation for an International Doctor for a Butt Injection Procedure?

I am interested in Buttocks Injections, it seems that most US Doctors are against the injections bcs they are not FDA approved and that they are questionable due to some side effect reports, however it seems that this procedure is quite successful maybe not Domestic, but Intl. Are they any US Doctors who can recommend an International Doctor or company who assists with Medical Tourism (a term I was told about)??

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Hydrogel not FDA approved for several valid reasons.

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Why spend the money on travel and a dangerous procedure when you can stay in the US and have a safe FDA approved procedure like Brazilian butt lift?  There are many complications that can happen with hydrogel or any other dangerous injectable.  Just think about having a complication and you are back home.  Are you going to fly overseas to be seen again?

Silicone and Hydrogel Buttocks Injections are illegal and unsafe!

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I'm always amazed at how many people pursue this illegal procedure. Yes it is cheaper, but don't you think that we as plastic surgeons would be willing to do it if it were safe and legal.
Some people may who have this procedure done may do ok. Many have complications, infections, painful lumps, and permanent deformities. Others die. Have you read about Miss Argentina?

Buttock injections

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buttock injection inject Commercial grade silicone or hydrogel from the hardware store done by lay person.

I can show you horrible complications which can destroy your life forever. the money you will spend to treat the complications far exceed the cost of legal buttock enhancement

There are many surgical procedures to do Buttock a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options. International "DOCTORS"  as you call them do not have or follow the standards of patient safety the American doctors follow. Once you have a problem you have no recourse with the international "DOCTORS".

 New Bacteria is showing uo in these surgeries that are resistant to all antibiotics, coming from India, Latin america and thailand.

Removal of silicone or hyrogel completely is impossible and results in major deformities that require multiple major surgeries.( cost is very high)

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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