Recommendation For Septal Deviation Specialist In San Diego, CA

My doctor recommended septal deviation surgery long time ago and I neglected it for several years. I am not sure if this can by done a facial plastic surgeon or an ENT physician, or of it matters. I have recently moved to San Diego and I would appreciate any recommendation for a reputable experienced doctor to conduct this surgery. Thanks.

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Recommendation For Septal Deviation Specialist In San Diego, CA

Drs Laverson, Cohen are other choices I would recommend. But always best to have a few in person consultations. 

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If Los Angeles isn't too far, come visit us.  We are in Beverly Hills and our surgeons are Boarded in ENT and Facial Plastics.

David Alessi, MD
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Septal Deviation Specialist

If you are in North San Diego County, Drs. Lebovits, Berry, Jacobs, Reisman, Yco, and Fitzgerald are all excellent board certified otorhinolaryngologists.  If you want cosmetic rhinoplasty as well, consider a board certified plastic surgeon.

Steve Laverson, MD
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