Recommendation for Rhinoplasty Specialist in Michigan (Or Midwest Area)?

Thanks for your help. I'm looking for a plastic surgeon in Michigan who specializes in rhino. I have researched the Amer. Board of Plastic Surgery and met with doctors, but done who've I been comfortable with. Based on what I'm told from plastic surgeons and ENTS, I need a tip rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and terbinate reduction. I have also been told that for what I'm looking for, a closed procedure is the best way to go, and a few doctors who I've liked can only do it open. Thank you.

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Recommendation for Rhinoplasty Specialist in Michigan (Or Midwest Area)?

 There's no easy way around your selection of your Rhinoplasty Surgeon as you are learning.  IMHO, the most important factor is that the Rhinoplasty Surgeon understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, attractive nose through Rhinoplasty.  Travel if you must for that to be accomplished.  

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Closed rhinoplasty is still an option

Surgeons comfortable with closed rhinoplasty may be less common than several years ago, though the fact is, closed rhinoplasty is a very effective procedure, and was the standard. You can have a closed procedure depending on the changes necessary as most things are still possible with this technique. We caution turbinate resection for most, as this can lead to nasal dryness. Keep looking.

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