Recommendation for a Doctor for Cheek Implants in the San Francisco Bay Area or Anywhere in California? (photo)

Here is a link to a photo of my cheek area which I had already posted on RealSelf (I am on a new account). I would like a recommendation for a doctor excellent in cheek implantation. My main concern is inability to move face normally after procedure and infection. Thank you.

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SF Bay Area Cheek Implants

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Thanks for reaching out to the Real Self community! My practice is in San Francisco, and I perform all types of facial implants. In terms of your concerns, here is some basic information. First, the nerve that controls the movement of the facial muscles is avoided during cheek implant placement because the pocket for the implants is made directly on the cheekbone. The nerve is thus kept safely away from the surgical instruments. Second, infection is uncommon.  All implants are sterile, and, in my practice, I clean the implant in an antibiotic solution immediately before placement.  Lastly, all my patients are on a prophylactic antibiotic for a week after the procedure.  Best of luck moving forward!

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