Recommendation for Correcting Droopy Bottom Lip and Puffy Chin? photo)

Hello. Firstly, I picked up these imperfections in an accident about 20 years ago that caused the little tissue that holds the lip to the gums to tear out of my bottom lip. Afterwards, a scar tissue formed inside my lip and my bottom lip drooped a bit. If you could please review the photos and recommend a type of cosmetic surgery to correct the droopiness as well as the puffiness in the center of my chin; I would be very thankful. Thank you for your assistance and have a nice day.

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Chin and Bottom Lip Problems After Trauma

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Your picture and history are a bit confusing. It appears that the trauma you sustained may have caused your chin not to grow as you now have significant microgenia. The other problem seems to be that your lower lip sulcus may be tethered to you gum causing your "droopy" lip. Both issues can be repaired by releasing the sulcus and performing a sliding genioplasty to advance the chin to a more normal silhouette.

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