Recommendation for Breast Reduction Healing Aids

What medication should be taken after a breast reduction? Some companies offer scar reduction and healing sheets, do these really work? How many weeks should they be worn?

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Breast reduction healing aids

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The most important healing aid is regular followup with your plastic surgeon! Silicone sheeting is an excellent treatment, if and when appropriate Let your plastic surgeon be the judge of how to treat scars . Scars are an expected sequela of surgery and not every scar requires treatment. The length of time applicable to treatment would be dependent on the nature of the scarring.

Breast Reduction Healing

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It is best to follow your surgeons advice. For my patients, after the incisions are completely healed I have them use silicone sheeting which helps soften and lighten the color and appearance of the scars. But you need to be patient, it takes time for the incisions to smooth out and eventually fade.

Scar mitigating agents after breast reduction

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You should seek the advice of your plastic surgeon as to what you should do after surgery in order for your incisions to heal as good as possible. For my patients, I will start them on a topical scar improving agent such as a silicone gel after wound healing or around 3 weeks, whichever is later - and then have them use it for several months. This is also individualized to the patient including genetics and past history of scarring. For those at high risk or who are seen to develop thicker/hypertrophic scars, I will have them also use silicone gel sheets which are more effective but also more obtrusive to apply and wear.

Breast reduction healing issues

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I have reviewed many studies regarding scar coverage, and very few really have any merit. I usually recommend to my patients to steri-strip or paper tape them for 6-8 weeks. Very few ever really need silicone sheeting or the like.

Breast Reduction Healing Aids?

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Thank you for the question.

Congratulations on your decision to proceed with breast reduction surgery;  it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

It would be best for you to check with your plastic surgeon to ascertain his/her preferences regarding postoperative incision care.

Personally, I suggest the use of silicone sheeting or silicone-based gel products for patients who wish to use these products on the incision lines.

Please make sure you are  consulting with well expense board-certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

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