Do You Recommend Upper Lift Lip Surgery? (photo)

hi I had a revision open rhinoplasty 1 week ago and i am concerned about my big nose and the distance between my lips and nose that had gone bigger. although it seems like my right lip is assymetric with my left lip (more depressed). I have read about upper lip lift surgery, do you recommend it for having my lips symmetry back? i have read that it can leave the upper lip dead and the scar can be very showing. is it too early to judge? and how many millimeters the swelling goes down in 3 months?

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Lip swelling after rhinoplasty

Thank you for your question about lip changes after your revision rhinoplasty.

  • Swelling from nose surgery is most likely the problem
  • Wait 6 months before doing anything.
  • A well done lip lift usually leaves a nearly-invisible scar,
  • I doubt you will need one if you were happy with your lip before nose surgery.
  • Hope this helps. Best wishes. 

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Calm yourself.  Yes all that you suggest could be done but in all likelihood you will be perfect.  Just give yourself 6 months to heal.  Then after that another 6 months for the last 10 %.   Just think.....for the next year every day when you awake you can be pleased to know your nose will be that much better. Watch the sodium.    The healing is as important as the surgery.   My Best......Dr C

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Upper lip Lift

You are still too early after rhinoplasty. Wait till all the swelling is gone 3 months.then you can judge. before doing the lip lift, you need to understand the surgery, the position of the scar and whether you would accept that scar. Depending on your skin type, genes you may develop a visible scar

Samir Shureih, MD
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