Do you recommend a second Ultherapy treatment? (photo)

I had my first Ultherapy treatment about a year ago, the only change I see is that my skin is smooth but I didn't notice any changes to the wrinkles around eyes and mouth, mentioning that I was told at the practice prior to this procedure that I don't have deep wrinkles and I will have very good results, which I don't see ,do you suggest to wait longer to see results or should I go for a second treatment to get more visible results? thanks.

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Ultherapy treatment can be repeated

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Thank you for providing the pictures. Close up pictures would have been better for proper guidance.

It looks to me like you may benefit from some volume fillers instead of repeating the Ultherapy to smoothen the nasolabial folds and some grooves around the mouth when you smile. 

Ultherapy can be repeated beyond six months, however. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. It is a free access ebook. 

Ultherapy can be repeated in one year

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If you don't see any improvement using current photographs compared with pre treatment photographs, you could consider retreating yourself with ultherapy but it may also depend on the exact nature of your treatment. There can be variability from doctor to doctor in how many different transducers they used and how many lines of treatment were delivered. In my NYC practice, I have tended to use as many transducers of different depths that my patients can handle and I try to deliver many lines of treatment which I believe will provide a better result than less lines of treatment. Doctors can amend the protocol that the device's software recommends.
Keep in mind that Ultherapy is not the best treatment for fine lines around the eyes as the transducers are too bulky for the eyelids and the energy is not to be given right on top of the eye that the eyelid covers. ThermiSmooth, Pelleve and Thermage may be better for those areas.
ThermiTight is a minimally invasive procedure that can tighten more tissue, at times, than Ultherapy by directly heating the tissues underneath the dermis of the skin with a thermal probe after anesthetic is injected into those areas, but it is not used for fine eyelid wrinkles either.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Considering a second treatment

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Thank you for your question. The number of Ultherapy treatments required for the best results varies with each patient. Age plays a major factor because the younger you are the more collagen your body can produce. For older individulals, a second treatment may be beneficial. The earliest I recommend doing so is 6 months. For most of our patients, they will reconsider repeating the treatment after 2 years

Do you recommend a second Ultherapy treatment? (photo)

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It is possible that you could benefit from another Ultherapy treatment, though fillers might be a better option for you considering your needs. I recommend revisiting your doctor to determine your best plan of action. 

Second Ultherapy Treatment

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In most cases, the results from a Ultherapy treatment can last from 1 to 1.5 years. It's possible that the results of your treatment are wearing off, and you may want to schedule a second treatment to achieve the results you desire. However, Ultherapy is mainly meant for use around the neck and jowls. To correct wrinkles and smile lines around the mouth, I would recommend dermal fillers instead.

Carlo P. Honrado, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Follow up Ultherapy Treatment

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I often bring back my patients at 6 months to have them review their ultherapy results; the full effect is normally seen within this time frame. It is always helpful to review before and after pics, especially since ultherapy results can be gradual and subtle. If you are specifically looking to reduce wrinkles, you may want to consider botox or fillers. Botox can be injected around the crowsfeet to smooth out wrinkles. We also offer a fractionated laser treatment with the Cortex CO2 Erbium/Yag laser. The cortex resurfaces the skin, reduces wrinkles and creates a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. I hope that you find this information useful.Good Luck!

Ultherapy Repeat?

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It's easy to assume one treatment type will handle all the issues we have, but that is seldom the case. For most women, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are "dynamic" - meaning they are caused by muscle movement.

So crow's feet and lip wrinkles are a by-product of smiling or squinting and pursing the lips when speaking. (Lip wrinkles used to be associated with smoking but the vast majority of women who have them don't smoke!)

There is also the issue of the change in volume - caused by collagen and fat decrease and bone shrinkage. So the area above the lip can tend to wrinkle more because there is less support. This is where fillers excel...and if you tend to purse your lips a lot, you can consider a tiny touch of Botox or similar to prevent some of that action. But be careful - too much in that area and you could change the way your mouth moves altogether,

Crow's feet respond really well to Botox or Xeomiin or Dysport.

Ultherapy will help keep your lower face more lifted and tighter and this is where most people see the biggest benefit. Because aging doesn't stop, it's reasonable to assume you'll need to "keep up" with intermittent treatments and thus far Ultherapy is the only FDA nonsurgical device that's actually proven to lift and firm.

Follow up treatments with Ultherapy

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After one year, it is reasonable to consider a follow up treatment with Ulthera. Results are variable because the effect is based on the individual's response and building collagen. There is usually more of a lifting and firming effect than wrinkle reduction.

Second ulthera treatment

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It is hard to really see your wrinkles since this is not just a photo of your face.  Ulthera will help tighten the skin - but it is really meant to work on the neck, jowls and forehead.  It will not eliminate smile lines, or crows feet.  You should consider other modalities for this, such as filler, laser resurfacing, and botox around the eyes.

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