Can Anyone Recommend a Surgeon in SF for Asian Eyelid Surgery and Rhinoplasty?

One who specializes in both, I am planning to have it done at the same time.

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Asian blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty

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This is a frequently performed combined procedure. Some eyes and noses are easier to correct than others, so it helps to get several opinions in order to gauge the depth of knowledge of your potential surgeon. Also, I would recommend avoiding any synthetic material for the nose; and also have a separate doctor performing your anesthesia (and not the surgeon's nurse).

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Asian Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty

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I would recommend that you look to find the right doctor for you--someone who is an expert in Asian Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty with a thorough understanding of the Asian anatomy and who can deliver the goals that you desire. 

Kimberly Lee, MD
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