What Do You Recommend PRK Vs ICL Vs Lasek for Me?

I'm 21 years old with a prescription of 5.0 left+4.5 right ( 1.25 cylindrical). My corneal thickness is 470 & 480 microns.My topography was good and i don't have any corneal abnormalities.He recommendended for me go through the ICL eventhough i'm eligible for PRK method.He said if i go for the PRK method ,there may be chance of getting back the irregularities in my vision.can i take LASEK or How about taking LASIK or EPILASEK .any other methods that would be more economical & safe than ICL.

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I Would Not Recommend Laser Eye Surgery

Given your youth and thin corneas, I would personally not recommend laser surgery (PRK, LASEK, LASIK or Epi-LASIK) for you.  You have too many risk factors for kerato-ectasia even if your scans are normal.  I do not perform ICL's myself but they are an effective, FDA approved option if you are determined to have surgery.

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