Tummy Tuck Alternatives for my Post-Pregnancy Stomach?

I am a fit 36 years old mother of two. I weigh approx. 140 pounds and measure 5.9. I can't afford a full tummy tuck and consider that procedure a bit too extreme. What are less intrusive procedures? Would you recommend Accent treatments?

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Re: Tummy tuck alternatives for post-pregnancy stomach

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Unfortunately there are no non-invasive procedures that would be of any benefit in your situation. A modified abdominoplasty with rectus plication would go a long way towards correcting your situation. The healing process is quicker and should be less expensive than a full abdominoplasty. Otherwise I would just leave well enough alone.

Tight Finances are the BIGGEST reason not to pursue ineffective treatments

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Hi there-

Especially because you are concerned about the expense of aesthetic improvement, you would be advised to avoid bogus treatments that promise skin non-invasive skin tightening. The only thing worse than being unhappy with how you look is spending your money on painful treatments and STILL being unhappy.

A Tummy Tuck would be an excellent option for you. When and if you are ready and can afford this intervention, you are likely to find this a worthwhile and gratifying endeavor. Save your pennies until you can afford the procedure likely to make you happy.

Non Invasive Tummy Tuck?

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Fortunately, you are a perfect candidate to fix the post-pregnancy changes that have occurred to your body. the problem is that there is no "non-invasive" means to solve this problem.  Your skin is already lax and has lost its intrinsic ability to contract, after improving (I'm sure) from its initial post-delivery status.  Thus, non-Tummy Tuck approaches will likely worsen the loose skin appearance or not provide you with significant changes. I would recommend waiting until you can afford the appropriate procedure rather than spending lesser amounts on non-effective treatments. This could end up being more expensive in the long run.

Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

Save your pennies

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This comes up a lot and unfortunately, there's always someone who's willing to take less money for a procedure you don't need. The best alternative is ALWAYS to do the procedure recommended by your surgeon and not take shortcuts because you save money.

Tummy tuck or not

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If you are a candidate for a tummy tuck and I could not be sure without an exam, then go with that. The laser treatments are no substitute.

Alternatives for tightenng loose abdominal skin after pregnancy

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I would concur with all my colleagues here in saying do a tummy tuck or don't even bother wiht the ohter technologies.

Tummy Tuck Substitutes

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There really are no consistent ways to deal with loose skin short of a tummy tuck.Judging from your photos you may be able to get away from having a full tummy tuck and just do a mini with a more limited incision.So many of these machines stretch marks or loose skin simply do not work.You soend a lot of monet for treatments and in the end no results. for lasers for

Alternatives to Tummy Tuck

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In my opinion there are very few non surgical options for a patient that has loose skin and lax abdominal muscles. You try any number of these non surgical options but in my opinion they are not effective. Dr. ES

Alternatives to Tummy Tuck

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Don't waste your money on procedures without proven safe and effective results. If you want skin tightening, surgery is the best way to tighten skin and have any type of visible difference. You may be a candidate for a mini or modified abdominoplasty. Otherwise work out, stay healthy and in shape. If there was a better way, we would all be doing it!

Tummy Tuck /minni abdominoplasty

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There are no good noninvasive procedures to correct your problem. However based on your pictures it appears that a Minni abdominoplasty would be effective treatment for this problem.

A Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon would help determine the best course of treatment.

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