Can Anyone Recommend a Person to Do Very Light Lymph Node Drainage Around my Eyes...5 Weeks Post Upper and Lower Bleph?

bumps around outer portion of the eyes caused by stitches, i would like to have them amssaged and hopefully help in the breakdown of the internal stitches....i use fml ointment

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Massage after eyelid surgery

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I would suggest you go back to your doctor for advice on massage after eyelid surgery.  Personally I have my upper bleph patients massage the outer corner of the incision where it crosses the bone as it is harder feeling out there than across the eyelid itself.  But check with your doctor for permission.

Massage after Eyelid Surgery

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   Massage by itself may be useful to help in the scar maturation process.  The key in this scenario is time.  Give yourself more time.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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