Would you recommend implants or without implants for my breast to look better? (photos)

hello thanks for your time and advice, im 22 yrs old. used to weigh 210lbs, currently im about 132lbs, working on losing and toning more. I wear a size 34A. I don't want big boobs. Im thinking about getting work done to my breast but unsure what I should do in order to fix them. I really don't want big boobs or implants

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Would you recommend implants or without implants for my breast to look better?

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You would do best with a breast lift and implants.

Your nipples are located at the bottoms of your breasts and point down. I would use a vertical or lollipop-style breast lift. I am not a fan of the donut lift which is a poor lift, flattens the breast and often leads to large areolas and ugly scars.

You absolutely need even a small implant to provide a minimum of upper pole fullness.

I recommend you see an experienced aesthetic breast surgeon to explore your options.

Good luck!

Breast fix

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Thank you for your question. You need both a lift as well as implants.  If you only have the lift your breasts will be too small and almost flat.  I would recommend the lollipop type lift with implants under the muscle.

Full Consultaiton

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You should seek a consltation with a board certified poactic surgeon who performs a great deal of aeshtetic breast survey.  You should be prepared to articulate your aeshtetic goals to your surgeon - the degree of bust fullnes you desire, the figure balance you want and the shape of the breast you wish.  You should also think about your tolerance for scars.  As a rule of thumb when a surgeon is recommending a a breast lift (and the scars that go along) it is to increase control of the breast shape and optimize the aesthetics.  

At a consultation your surgeon will listen to your medical history, perform a detailed examination and offer you your options - and the pros and cons of each.

Michael B. Tantillo, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Would you recommend implants or without implants for my breast to look better?

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A lift coupled with modest sized breast implants will look great and be a good compliment to the new you after all the hard work you have done to get in shape.

Improve breast shape but no implants

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Thank you for your inquiry about improving the shape of your breasts without an implant.

First, well done on the weight loss! A great achievement.

If you do not want implants, do not have them done. You are young, the look you want may change. Implants can always be put in later - or not. It is your choice.

The shape of your breasts can definitely be improve by a breast lift. You appear to have excess skin on the sides as well. Depending on a face-to-face examination, you may need only a short scar (lollipop) breast lift or an extended lift along the side of the chest. This is also your choice.

Have a face-to-face consultation with a plastic surgeon. You might find yourself being pressured to have implants - many plastic surgeons personally like that look. But if so, that is not the plastic surgeon for you - find another plastic surgeon who can help you with your goals. That is what is important. Best wishes.

Breast surgery for tuberous breasts

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breast surgery for tuberous breasts
this can be done in one or two stages.   a verticle lift as the others described 
and implant will fill out and shape the breasts but can be done at a second stage

Would you recommend implants or without implants for my breasts to look better?

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   A small implant will provide a little more superior and medial fullness, which you will appreciate.   A vertical lift will move the areolae up and help with the droop and the roundness.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Best procedure to enhance breasts

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The best advice comes after an in person consult and examination. Based on your photos , it looks like you would benefit most by a small implant and vertical lift ( lollipop lift) to round out your breasts, and  lift the nipple/areola to a better position on the breast, improving the symmetry as well.

Lift or implants or both?

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I would recommend a vertical breast lift with an implant.  I think this will give you restoration of your volume and firm up and improve the position and appearance of your breast.  Start with a consultation to learn more.  Good luck!

Should you have breast lift along without implants

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Breast lift alone can certainly be done to improve the position, shape and appearance of your breast.  Because of your weight loss the new lifted breast will be quite small, will not be full are firm, and the skin  will feel loose.  Next

There is nothing wrong with having the lift and deciding later if you want a small implant.  In my experience most patients who have lost weight do not have much breast gland tissue but choose to have a lift also eventually request breast implants, even a small implant and the 150 cc range to just gain some fullness and firmness of the breast.

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