Would You Recommend Jaw Surgery? (photo)

Im 18 and have had braces for 7 months now. I got my braces to correct 2 crossbites, cuspid& 3rd molar, My crossbites are corrected but now I have a bad overbite. Since I grew with the crossbites both my upper & lower jaws are uneven. My upper jaw is longer on the right side, making it impossible to chew on the right side. When my mouth is closed, my teeth only touch on the left. My profile is also very unbalanced due to my lower jaw. I have trouble sleeping/breathing. Would jaw surgery help me?

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The over jet is significant and should not be fixed with braces alone. I think you should consult a surgeon as well. 

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Jaw Surgery

From your photos and the description of your issues, it  sounds like orthognathic surgery is a reasonable option for your particular case, but without actually examing you of course that cannot be confirmed.   Based only on your photos you published and your description it appears that you have a significant over bite.  Based on your side photo you appear to be "retrognathic" meaning your lower jaw is too small for your upper jaw, this will contribute to you breathing during sleep (sleep apnea).  Of course you need a full workup with detailed measurments of your face and bones of your face in order to determine if and what particular typr of surgery would be needed.  Orthognatic jaw surgery will help to correct most all of the issue you have mentioned.  Make sure to seek the advice of a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacal Surgeon who will work in conjunction with your orthodontist to give you the proper treatment

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