Do You Recommend IPL or Other Laser Treatments for Post Tummy Tuck and Mastopexy Surgery or Endermology Lymphatic Drainage?

Do you recommend IPL or other laser treatments for post tummy tuck and mastopexy surgery or endermology lymphatic drainage?

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Post Tummy Tuck and Mastopexy Surgery

ipl and laser are generally not recommended. Post tummy tuck, the appropriate use of compression garments are generally recommended. For some patients, lymphatic drainage and/or massage are also recommended.

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Laser Treatments not recommended post-surgery

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Generally, laser treatments are not recommended to be performed post-surgery. The diligent application of compression garment is of commendable scarring results and almost at no risks (burns, lacerations, etc).



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Recommendations after Tummy Tuck or Mastopexy Surgery

Thank you for your question.  IPL/laser treatments and/or endermology is not routinely recommended after tummy tuck or mastopexy surgery.  Most plastic surgeons recommend compression garments for several weeks.  And most plastic surgeons recommend scar massage therapy.   Hope this helps.

Dr. Basu

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