Do You Recommend ICL or PRK For Thin Corneas? Right Eye (487 Microns) Left Eye(483 Microns)

My right eye power is sph-- 7 ,cyl-- 1.5, Axis - 15.... My Left eye power is sph--7.5 cyl--0, Axis - 0......... My age is 25 years. Pls suggest me a suitable permanent solution for my sight problem. Doctor Prescribed me ICL Surgery.I would like to know the success rate and cost effectiveness of the procedure.

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Intraocular Contact Lens (ICL) vs LASIK vs PRK with Thin Corneas

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There are times and situations where any or all of these procedures would work well, even on a thinner cornea. That being said, with the corneal thickness numbers you mention and the severity of your nearsightedness, I would recommend the ICL, as it will not thin your(already thin) cornea at all. While it is a more invasive and more expensive option, it is safe and effective and, in your case, your only option.

Baltimore Ophthalmologist

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