Can You Recommend a Good Anti-wrinkle Face Cream for the Days when I Don't Use Retin-A?

Since I won't be using Retin-a every day, can you please recommend a good anti-wrinkle face cream (preferably for both day and night use)? Also, is it necessary to apply a special eye cream or will the face cream suffice?

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Retin A and Elevase Moisture Booster

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Our patients that use Retin A are advised to begin Elevase Moisture Booster to help moisturize the skin and strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier function. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

Specific eye cream is best

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Since the skin around the eyes has no pores, eye creams are designed to work on the surface of the skin as opposed to being absorbed like a moisturizer.  An eye cream specific to your condition is reccomended.  SkinMedica TNS serum or Ceramide treatment cream would both compliment your Retin A use as well as the new Regenica from Obagi, which also contains growth factors. 

Suggestions for skin care

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Depending upon your age you may consider TNS essential serum by Skin Medica.  This product contains antioxidants as well as growth factors.  This combination will help improve fine lines and texture.  

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