Do You Recommend Going to Another Surgeon to Remove Breast Implants? Is It Safe to Leave Capsule In?

I am looking to remove saline under the muscle breast implants and my current surgeon was planning to remove through previous auxilliary incision as an outpatient procedure leaving capsules in. Given I was unsatisfied with initial results I'm questioning his expertise. I researched reviews on my current plastic surgeon and they are mostly poor. I contacted another PS for 2nd opinion but the staff recommended to have them removed from same PS. Is it really best to see the same provider?

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Implant removal

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It is fine to go to another surgeon. The main reason to use the same surgeon would be if he was giving you a break on the price. Removing implants is not difficult and it does not need to be the same surgeon.

Leaving capsules in is not a problem.

Same or Another Plastic Surgeon to Remove Breast Implants?

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Although you ask a good question, it is not possible provide a  precise answer to you without knowing much more detail. Generally speaking, no matter what the planned surgical procedure,  it is important that patients have confidence in their surgeon. If you find that this is not the case, I think you will be better off seeking additional consultations and/or having the procedures performed by a plastic surgeon who you have confidence in.  If you decide to do so, share your previous operative report with your “new” plastic surgeon.

 Generally speaking, I do not remove  breast implant capsules if they are soft/thin  and asymptomatic.

  I hope this helps.

Removal of Implants and Leaving Capsules?

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      Leaving capsules is preferred unless the capsules are calcific or causing deformity or if granulomas or silicone are present. 

     Capsulectomy reduces tissue and increases risk for hematoma.

Is It Safe to Leave Capsule In

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Absent any abnormalities in the capsule, most plastic surgeons would leave the capsule in place. There are few benefits, there are real risks. 

As to choice of surgeon, that is your call. If you have lost confidence, you should consider another opinion. Removal is a simple procedure, and chances are you will get a lower price quote from the surgeon who inserted them. 

Wherever you go to have them removed, be sure to review the pros and cons, as well as the alternatives with the surgeon.

Thanks, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon


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I would recommend removing as much of the capsule as possible keeping safety in mind during the explantation. You need to be comfortable with your surgeon

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Removal of implants

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It is really your choice as to who to have your surgery performed. If you have lost faith in your original surgeon than you have just answered your own question.

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