I want a narrower, symmetrical and more defined nose. What Would You Recommend for an Asian Bulbous Tip and Wide Alars? (photo)

I have the typical Asian bulbous nose and I'm thinking about having an alarplasy and having the tip refined. Basically I want a narrower, symmetrical and more defined nose that would complement my features yet still look natural. Any suggestions?

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Refining the nose during Asian rhinoplasty

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All the changes that you mention are possible to achieve during Asian rhinoplasty, and you seem to have a pretty good understanding of some of the techniques which are available - such as alarplasty.  I would suggest also using only your own tissue (autologous grafts) as they will give you the safest and most permanent results.  

The most important suggestion is to find an Asian rhinoplasty specialist.  That way he/she can sit down with you and detail all the changes to your nose that would make it more attractive, and how they can be achieved with your own tissue.  

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Asian rhinoplasty for bulbous tip and wide base

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thank you for the photographs.  Your case is particularly difficult because you do have a fairly wide nasal base in addition to what appears to be somewhat thick skin.  It is very likely that you have poor cartilage support beneath your nasal tip.  This lack of cartilage and support matters because he'll need some cartilage grafting to give the tip definition while at the same time altering her existing cartilage to create a sharper tip.  Your nose will need an alar base reduction preferably with an incision inside the nose.  Keeping the incisions inside the nose will allow for a more natural appearance.  One final comment is that because of your thick skin I would not expect very dramatic changes.  You can make dramatic changes in your case but the price you pay may be a nose that is somewhat unnatural looking.

conservative augmentation of your bridge may also be important because it will give the illusion of an overall more slender looking nose.  I'll attach some information you may find helpful

Chase Lay, MD
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Chase Lay, MD
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