Can Anyone Recommend a Doctor in NY Who Performs Deep Chemical Peels, Particularly Phenol/Hetter?

Many doctors are using lasers instead but I read that w/chemical peel, results improve over time and have read reviews about lasers that either didn't work or caused long-term damage. Where can I find a NY Dr. to do a deep peel? Does a deep chemical peel result in some tightening? Also, the B & A photos for older women are far more it worth waiting till wrinkles are deep or can having this procedure earlier prevent/delay deep wrinkle onset later. I am 45 with fair, thin skin. Thanks

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Dr. in NY

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Dr. Charles Thorne may be able to help you.   He is located on Park Ave. 

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Aggressive Chemical Peeling

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I am a big fan of chemical peeling and believe when done correctly with the correct acid, can improve many different skin conditions such as acne, photodamage, sun spots, discoloration (uneven tone), pores, texture, fine lines, crinkled skin and deep lines.  We do a lot of chemical peeling in our practice including strong peels. To answer your question, I think doing certain appropriate treatments earlier is advantageous as it not only rejuvenates your skin and corrects a problem, but also prevents and slows further damage or wrinkling. Click on the link below to see before and after pictures of a woman who underwent a TCA 35% peel with a very heavy application and frost. 

Channing R. Barnett, MD
Boca Raton Dermatologist
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