Would You Recommend CO2 Laser for a Woman Like Me Who is an Outdoor Runner?

It was suggested by a plastic surgeon I should undergo CO2 Laser. I have what I believe to be good skin for a woman my age (58) and was surprised he recommended such a procedure. I have few wrinkles, non sagging skin, but could use the benefits of the collagen production on my skin due to menopause effects. Would laser help with eyelid skin tightening as opposed to the invasive eye lid lift done through plastic surgery? Also, I run outdoors and don't think the dr. even considered that.

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CO2 laser for a runner

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  As I hope you can appreciate, it is difficult to reply with confidence, without seeing photos, which may explain why no one else has replied.  It is important to be skeptical of any procedure that anyone recommends to you, if you do not perceive there to be a problem.  do not blindly follow any recommendation, no matter how kind or well meaning, unless you see a problem or want a particular issue addressed.  Good luck!

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CO2 laser for collagen rejuvenation

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Patients are very happy with the effects of the fractional CO2 laser.  It is less aggressive than the old traditional CO2 laser.  There is about 5 days' downtime but it improves texture, wrinkles and brown spots.  The only potential problem is your sun exposure.  You would need to chose between your laser treatment and sun avoidance for at least one month following your treatment.  Perhaps you could run indoors? 

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Laser Resurfacing

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A full consultation is necessary but based on the fact that you are frequently outdoors, the UV rays will penetrate more deeply soon after the laser procedure is performed so you must stay out of the sun. If this is not an option, you should avoid laser or deep peels. The CO2 is most useful for wrinkles and if you don't have any, consider another treatment. Use a good sunblock containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

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