Would You Recommend a Canthoplasty?

I have such big, wide eyes and I want to get surgery on them to make them more almond shaped. Would you recommend it in my case?

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Canthoplasty results can be disappointing

Obviously, without seeing a photo, it is very difficult to give you a personalized recommendation. However, as an Oculoplastic surgeon [Eye plastics] I have seen many many disappointed patients that have undergone ELECTIVE canthoplasty/canthopexy. There may be isolated instances where a patient has very abnormally downward sloped canthal angle that gives someone a "droopy dog" look that may be a good candidate for a canthoplasty.

However, the majority of patients may be risking an unnatural look that they may very well regret. And it can be a touch revision to fix.

For the most part, canthoplasty/canthopexy is reserved for reconstructive cases have trauma or cancer excision.

Think long and hard before making this decision.

Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Possible candidate for eyelid surgery?

At a minimum, a well taken photo would be required to see if you would be a candidate for a eyelid surgery.  That said, you really should have a face to face meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon who can examine your eyes and get an idea about your tissues qualities and the shape and configuration of the eyes.  Only after that could one give an educated answer about whether you would benefit from any eye shaping procedures.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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