Do You Recommend Candela Gentlelase, I Tried It for Five Time and Am Getting Alot of Ingrowns?

what is the best machine for ingrowns hair ? i have tried candela gentlelase but am getting alot of ingrowns especially my legs and arms ? i dont know what to do sick of shave and spending alot of money without any results and my skin color is light . any advice ?

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Laser hair removal

A laser is only as good as its operator.  The Candela Gentlelase is an excellent system for treating dark hair on fair skin.  You mentioned your skin is fair, but you didn't comment on the color of your hair and how coarse it is.  If hair is light in color, fine in texture, or the follicules are deeper than usual in the treatment areas, the energy settings may need to be increased in order to deliver more energy and deliver it more deeply.   Otherwise, all you get is the appearance of a good treatment, but full recovery of the follicle by next time as there was not enough energy delivered to destroy the follicle.

Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Candela Gentlelase is an excellent laser that combines dynamic cooling with a highly effective wavelength for hair removal

Candela Gentlelase combines a number features ( large spot size , high energies, dynamic cooling and a wavelength that is easily absorbed by melanin) that make it an excellent choice for hair removal. This requires a series of treatment for a number of reasons , but if you are not seeing results you should get a consultation with a physician who is expert in lasers and preferably with one who does his own treatments.

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
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