What Do You Recommend - Breast Augmentation to Correct Asymmetry & Increase Size to Small D or DD if Possible (W/Pics)

I have gone to 2 different surgeons that said very different things. I like them both, so now I don't know which is the best option for my breasts. One Dr said 2 different implants (by aprox 100cc) to even out the 1/2-1 cup size asymmetry via the crease w/smooth silicone. The other said periareolar, 2 different (textured) implants (by aprox 50cc) & removing some of the tuberous tissue under my areola that makes my nipples poke upward. Size would be depend on implant fit in smaller breast.

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Breast augmentation recommendations

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It is hard to see if you are actually 1/2 cup size larger on one side.  There is some asymmetry of the location of the nipples.  Vectra 3D imaging would be ideal for you to help determine the differences in existing breast volume and whether or not two different implant sizes are necessary.  You also appear to be a candidate for Allergan Style 410 implants, anatomic textured if you desired this appearance. 

Different Opinions about Best Breast Operations for Me?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

It is extremely common to receive different opinions from different plastic surgeons about the best way to treat a specific “problem”. Each plastic surgeon may have his/her opinion that is based on their specific/unique education, experience, and personal preferences. Their opinions may also be shaped by unfavorable results they have encountered in their practices.

Although these different opinions can be confusing and a source of anxiety for patients, it is good for patients to understand the different options available. Ultimately, it will be up to each patient to do their due diligence and select their plastic surgeon. Part of this selection process will involve the patients becoming comfortable with the plastic surgeon's experience level and abilities to achieve their goals as safely and complication free as possible.

Sometimes when patients receive different opinions from different plastic surgeons, they may benefit from additional consultations. These consultations should be with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons; otherwise additional information may not be helpful (when coming from an unreliable source). Usually, after doing the necessary "research" patients will notice a “consensus” and feel comfortable proceeding.

In your case, make sure that you communicate YOUR  concerns and goals during the consultation process. For example, if the “tissue under the areola” is not a major concern to you,  then excision of tissue and/or circumareolar incisions will be unnecessary.

Generally speaking, after clear communication of your goals, you and your plastic surgeon should be able to come up with the  least complicated ( and usually least risky) operation designed to achieve your goals.

I hope this helps.


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i am not a fan of using different size implants. you do not appear to have any tuberous componet to either of your breasts

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Breasts implantation seize "D"/ implantes talla d

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you only would need breasts implantations seize d by infrauricular site subfascial and texturidez, with  anatomical  shaped implants you would look  great.

ud. requeriria implantes  anatomicos  talla d  por via infrauricular texturizados de gel cohesivo en forma  subfascial  se veria  muy interesante

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Don't see any indication for texturized implants.

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Texturized implants are manufactured decrease capsular contracture. They do not in a fail more often. Sizers can be used to precisely determine which final volumes will give the best symmetry. The incision for access is not consequential.

Correct Asymmetry & Increase Size

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I would not say that any findings of tuberous breasts are present on these photos. In that regard, I would favor the surgeon doing the simpler procedure. As to incision choice, usually it reflects the surgeon's overall preference. I typically prefer the breast fold incision, but if one of the available incisions were really superior, we would all use it. 

In general, I and most surgeons prefer smooth implants. Ripples are more common with textured implants, and that may be more of an issue with large implants. 

As to the size difference, that would depend on an in person exam. 50 cc is not that great a difference between the recommendations. And at surgery, either surgeon would be prepared to regroup based on the operative appearance. 

I would suggesting holding off another month or two--you have only recently stopped nursing, and there may be changes still occurring in the breasts. 

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

What Do You Recommend - Breast Augmentation to Correct Asymmetry & Increase Size to Small D or DD if Possible (W/Pics)

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Yes you will need different sized implants. And yes between 50 to 100 cc swing. But also the right will need a lifting to even out the areola. Plus fat gratfs to truly even size out. 

Breast Augmentation Options

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Your assymetry seems mild based on your pix. While in person exam may reveal different attributes, you are the perfect patient who can benefit from Vectra 3D imaging before surgery. You will visualize options with different implants to better understand the differences and discuss with your surgeon. Best of luck. 

Breast assymetry options

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From the photos the degree of assymetry is mild and only a full examination will show if diferent sized implants are needed. The type, shape, and style of implant will be largely dependent on a surgeons preference.  Surgeons will have different opions and will all achieve excellent results using different techniques.  The key is it makes sense to you, and the surgeon listens to you, then that is going to best recipe for success regardless of small differences in technique

Best of Luck

Jeremy Hunt    

Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Implants

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It does not appear that you have tuberous breasts from the photos. Correcting the asymmetry and the type of implant used will be left up to you and the surgeon once you are informed of all the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Do your homework. The good news is that you are comfortable with both surgeons.

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.