Which Would You Recommend First? Breast Aug or Butt Aug?

I am 19 and Ive been considering getting breast implants and brazilian butt lift because I have an hourglass figure but no hips. I have dents in my waist like an hour glass but I have a belly with no butt or hips. I just wanted to know what would a doctor recommend getting done first. I dont want to get both at once because i feel that would be too much on my body.

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Chronologic Order for breast implants and butt lift.

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It really just depends.  You should do whichever procedure for the problem that bothers you the most.  I agree with separating them chronologically, but when you are healed from one procedure, the next procedure will not affect it.  Good luck with your choice.

Breast lift or butt lift

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A butt lift or a breast lift can be performed either in conjunction or separately. It really depends upon which you prefer more.

Which procedure first, Brazilian Butt Lift or Breast Aug?

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I always recommend starting off with correcting what bothers you the most.  One thing to keep in mind though is that the smaller your waistline is, the bigger your breasts will look. Therefore I would recommend doing the Brazilian Butt Lift first as this will decrease the size of your abdomen and waistline.  If you have your breasts done first, they may wind up looking larger than you like after the bbl is done.

Order of augment and butt lift

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Your question indicates that you have a belly so my question would be why you are proposing a butt lift rather than dealing with the abdomen. Typically, I recommend the augment first because, once your breasts are larger, you may have a better idea of how much of an augment you will need in the buttock area. Given that patients commonly sleep and tan on their stomachs, I would not be terribly concerned about you lying on your stomach, so long as sufficient time had elapsed after the augment.

Brazilian Butt lift

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The sequence of the surgeries is your  choice. Do the one that bothers you the most.

I preffer to do the Brazilian Butt Lift first, because you need to be lying on your stomach during this procedure and I do not want to put pressure on the breast implants. Then you can do the breast augmentation once you are healed completely.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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