Can you recommend an ASPS that can do fat transfer to butt?

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Brazilian Buttock Augmentation

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Fat transfers for buttock augmentation is commonly performed by many board certified plastic surgeons.  The procedure entails removing fat from one area of the body and transferring the fat to the buttocks region.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Can you recommend an ASPS member who performe th Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Our office has been performing the Brazilian Butt Lift for nearly 10 years and it has become by now the most popular procedure we perform. Many of our patients come to us from all over the country and abroad for this procedure. It is important to seek out a surgeon who besides being an ASPS member specializes in this procedure.

Brazilan Butt Lift

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Consult two BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEONS(AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY) Then choose the surgeon that you have confidence, can communicate with , available and skilled

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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