Skin Looks Burned After Jessner Peel

Im a light skinned African American the whole peel process took about 15 minutes. I stopped peeling 3 day ago, my skin look very shiny and in some areas as if I was sun burned. And my forehead skin is sagging. Is there anything I can do to improve the texture of my skin.

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Skin can look shiny and burned after a peel

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Hi Ced,

When was your peel done?  It is quite common (and in fact is expected) that the skin will peel after a Jessner's peel.  Usually the peeling is done by 6-9 days.  I don't know what would cause the forehead skin to "sag."  I would recommend that you see the physician who performed the peel to be sure there aren't any problems.

Good luck!

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