I have recently noticed that my eyes are quite asymmetrical, what can be done to correct them? (photo)

I dot exactly know what the problem is, sometimes I think it's my right, other times my left. What would you recommend? And if I ended upsetting surgery, what would be done and what could I expect?

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You have a ptosis of your right upper eyelid.

You need an evaluation to check on the muscle action of both eyes, and then the surgeon can decide what sort of surgical repair would be best for you. 

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The first step is finding a surgeon who can carefully assess you.

Unfortunately, you are in a part of California where is hard to come by high quality aesthetic oculoplastic surgery services.  Having said that what you really need is a detailed assessment.  Simply based on the photograph, it appears that you may have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis that is visible on the right side and latent on the left.  When we say latent, what is meant is that if one were to simply correct the right upper eyelid, afterward, the left would look droopy.  The tip off is that both eye brows are being carried high and the left actually looks a bit higher than the right.  Your assessment would also determine which of the ptosis surgeries would be best for you.

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