I Recently Had my Broken Nose Fixed and the Bump Removed. While I Like the New Shape, I Want the Bump Back. Is That Possible?

I Recently Had my Broken Nose Fixed and the Bump Removed. While I Like the New Shape, I Want the Bump Back.  Is That Possible?

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Give yourself time to adjust to your new image after plastic surgery...

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Some patients have regrets following cosmetic surgery.  It is important to have a clear understanding of your personal goals and possible surgical outcomes prior to embarking on your journey. Following surgery it is important to keep a positive attitude and close contact with your surgeon to get through what can be rough-going during the early post-operative phase. It is at this time most patients can have second thoughts or regrets.


Replacement of Nasal Bump

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The nasal bump can be replaced with fillers, cartilage, or fascia. However, like all revision surgery wait 9-12 months before having additional surgery. You may accept your new profile or actually like it. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Replace bump

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Sometimes patients need time to adjust to their new nose. I would suggest giving it a few months.  If you want a bump on your nose. fillers may be an easy temporary solution.

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Can dorsal hump be recreated after rhinoplasty

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Quite an unusual request.  The ideal esthetic male profile is a straight dorsum without a hump.  But like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My advise to you would be to give it enough time (6-12 months) after the surgery to see if the bump reappears (sometimes it may be the case when all swelling has gone down) and possibly to get used to your new nose.  If neither happens, then I would consider a filler treatment to recreate a small dorsal hump.

Putting a bump back after rhinoplasty

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You can have a hump placed on the nose to replace the one the surgeon removed during the correction of your nasal fracture. The procedure though possible is not practical, and the insurance is certainly going to be unwilling. The bottom line is a clear discussion of the expectation ahead of any rhinoplasty.

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