I Recently Had Implants Removed. I'm Considering a Lift. How Long Should I Wait Before Deciding?

I Recently Had Implants Removed. I'm Considering a Lift. How Long Should I Wait Before Deciding?

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When Should I Get A Breast Lift After Having My Implants Removed?

Dear Ana,

There are times when a breast lift may/can be performed at the time of implant removal. This is usually part of the pre-op discussion before the implants are removed. However, many times, we are not able to determine with certainty that a lift may be needed. In these cases we remove the implants and then wait and see how your breasts recover. This can be decided as soon as 1-2 months but usually requires 3-4 months.  Be sure to continue to follow up with your surgeon. Good luck.

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Breast lift after implant removal

When breast implants are removed, it is sometimes quite obvious preoperatively that a patient will need a breast lift.  Often the breast lift can be performed at the same time as the implant removal.  If a simulaneous breast lift was not done, patients should wait a minimum of 3-6 months before moving forward with a breast lift.  However, for some patients it can take up to 9-12 months for the skin to contract completely.

Kelly Gallego, MD, FACS
Yuba City Plastic Surgeon
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Timing for a possible breast lift following an explantation

My experience has been that waiting until around 6 months after explantation would provide you with a more accurate idea of the ultimate shape and probable droopiness of your breasts. At 3 months, there is still a lot of inflammation present as part of the normal healing process which may lead to less accurate long term results if surgery were performed at that time. Obviously, there are variabilities between individuals so that 6 months is not necessarily a hard and fast "rule" for everyone. Of course, you can wait far in excess of 6 months before pursuing an appropriate breast procedure. 

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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Timing a breast lift after implants

At the minimum three to six months should be enough time to judge the need for a breast lift whether removing breast implants, or after breast augmentation. If you are undecided, longer can be better to give yourself adequate time to let your breast recover, and carefully consider the need for a lift. Breast lift means breast scars so it pays to be certain.

Best of luck, peterejohnsonmd.com

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift following implant removal

If you are unsure if you want a lift or not, I would wait 3-6 months.  If you are certain you would like the extra skin removed and the breasts lifted, this can be done anytime.  There may be some fluctuations in size early on if the pockets produce a little seroma (fluid collection).  This typically resolves in a few weeks or so. Ask your surgeon his or her recommendation on what would be best for you with your aesthetic goals in mind.

Marialyn Sardo, MD
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
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Wait 3 Months Before Lift

Wait 3-6 months before deciding to have a breast lift, after removing implants.

While some may choose to do the lift at the same time as removal of the implants, if you have just removed the implants, you should allow adequate time for healing, before having another procedure.  This will allow swelling to resolve and skin to adjust, to best design the breast lift.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Lift after implants removed

If you just had implants removed, I would wait at least 4-6 months before undergoing a formal lift to allow the tissue to heal, the pockets to close, and the tissues to soften.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Timing of breast lift after implant removal

Dear Ana, I agree with my colleagues and wait approximately three to six months before deciding if you need to consider a breast lift.  Your post operative swelling should have subsided by this time and you will have a good idea of the long term shape and position of your breasts.  Best of luck.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Wait 3-6 months after Removal of Implants Before Lift

Hi there-

It is important to wait this time period to allow healing of the breast tissues before further manipulation. Be sure your breast lift surgeon understands what has been done to you in the past (if it is not the same surgeon).

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Mastopexy after Explant

I would recommend waiting a minimum of 3 months to give the breast tissue a chance to remodel.  This will allow for a more accurate breast lift. Other variables may come into play including implant placement, length of time they have been in place and tissue elasticity.  Discuss these things with you qualified surgeon at your consultation.

Lawrence W. Shaw, MD
Arizona Plastic Surgeon
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