Dermatologist Vs Cosmetic Surgeon to Remove Breast Tissue?

I recently had a mole on my breast biopsied. It came back as a moderatedysplasia and my dermatologist recommended I have the remaining tissue removed by a cosmetic surgeon to reduce the scarring. However, the cosmetic surgeon is booked out several months in advance and I'd really like to have the whole procedure done and over with. Is there a big difference in scarring if I go ahead and let the dermatologist remove it versus waiting for a cosmetic surgeon to remove it?

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Referred to a cosmetic surgeon

If your dermatologist referred you for excision to another doctor, I assume you mean a plastic surgeon.  This is your best bet for the best chance of a minimal scar.

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Most likely best for cosmetic surgeon to remove mole

IF your dermatologist recommended that you see a cosmetic surgeon, I would advise that you follow his recommendation. Chest/breast scars may have a tendency to widen/hypertophy/keloid. It is best that you have the surgeon who removes the mole, have experience in this area. If you are not concerned with the scar and have an urgent need to have it removed, I would relay this to your dermatologist. They may feel more comfortable excising it if they know you will not be disturbed by an unsightly scar should this occur.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Follow the advice of your dermatologist

Although it may be tempting to receive quick therapy by the dermatologist, getting treatment by a board certified plastic surgeon is the clear way to proceed. A well-trained and well-recommended surgeon who does breast work in your area should be relatively easy to find, and take care of the issue for you adeptly.

If the wait seems too long for one surgeon, go see another. A plastic surgeon will give you the best chance for a good outcome with little scarring and removal of the dysplastic lesion in its entirety.

Randolph Capone, MD, FACS
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Best to stay with a board certified plastic surgeon

You should follow the recommendations of your dermatologist and seek a board certified plastic surgeon.  If there were no difference in technique, your dermatologist would have told you to choose either specialty.  If the wait is too long for the one specialist, seek another one in your vicinity.

John E. Sherman, MD
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