I recently did Cosmelan in November and had some left over pigment. What should I do?

I went to see a derm and prescribed hydroqouine 8% compound. She advised two months on one month off but im scared of some of the cons such as my melasma getting worse..Should I try this regimen?

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Melasma and Hydroquinone

Hi SB.  Hydroquinone is fairly standard in the treatment of Melasma.  In addition, this is what Cosmelan uses in their mask and after care products.  The recommendation that your doctor made about being on for 2 months and then off for a month is also a good one when using high strength hydroquinone.  

One of the issues with the treatment of Melasma is not having too much irritation with whatever product you are using to treat the condition.  Too much irritation means that you can get worsening of the Melasma.  Some hydroquinone formulations contain high strength Retin A in addition to the hydroquinone and Retin A can sometimes cause significant irritation.  To avoid this at our practice, we use 8% hydroquionone that does not contain Retin A and will thus not have that potential for irritation.

If you do off hydroquinone completely, your Melasma will likely return the same as it was before.  See photos below for examples of patients that are using our HQ program without Retin A.

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Cosmelan and pigmentation

Cosmelan is a great product.  I agree with your Dermatologist about the hydroquinone.  Cosmelan also sells some great products to use in conjunction with the treatments and I would recommend that you use them.  I have had some amazing results with melasma that did not respond to any other treatments.  Please find a Dermatologist experienced with Cosmelan treatments for the best cosmetic result.

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