I recently developed a strange crease or fatty area under my left eye. I'm 49 and never had any wrinkles? (photo)

my regular dermatologist suggested 14 days of hydrocortisone %1. No improvement. one of the pics is from a few month ago without the crease. Another doctor , who was highly praised gave me her own formula of retinol without any instructions and i had a very bad burn for a few day. Now she feels i need a plastic surgeon to solve this. this is all very disturbing to me overnight.

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Wrinkle beneath the eye

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From the photo, it looks like this area is either swelling, or edema.  These are often called festoons. This is most likely the case if the swollen area is worse in the morning or if you sleep on your left side.  It could also be fat.  In either respect, creams are probably not going to be helpful. 

The lower lids are a common place to collect extracellular fluid.  I would first recommend seeing your primary care doctor to see if you have any thyroid irregularities or other areas of edema.  Once a medical problem has been eliminated, you could consider a lower eyelid lift.  This will often improve the crease, but may not completely resolve it.  I would recommend seeing a qualified oculo-facial plastic surgeon in your area for a comprehensive evaluation.  Good luck!.

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