I received liposuction about 6 days ago and I still have liquids coming out of me. Is this normal?

I received lipo on my stomach back and sides I have about 4 holes in my stomach and liquids (yellowish color) keep coming out. My doctor makes me wear a tight garment and wants me to clean it everyone once in a while. I'm worried because liquids are still coming out and staining my corset. Is this normal after 6 days

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Drainage after liposuction

Thank you for your question.  Drainage normally stops in the first 2 days after liposuction. Drainage can continue for longer then a week, esp with activity.  Continue close follow up with your surgeon.  Best wishes on a speedy recovery. 

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Liposuction drainage

When in doubt, contact your board certified plastic surgeon to answer any post-operative results you may have. best of luck!

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Drainage following liposuction

This is completely normal.  You may notice the lower incisions drain more especially if you are active.  Place some gauze under your garment over the incisions and be sure to keep all of your post operative appointments.  Your surgeon will advise you if there is reason to be concerned.

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