I received fraxel restore a few weeks ago. I want to get Zoom teeth whitening treatment. Should I be worried about the UV light?

Will the UV light used during zoom affect the fraxel treated skin. I saw how the procedure is done, and it does not seem many dentist protect the skin from the UV light other than using sunscreen, and the skin is exposed to the UV. To me, this seems a bit hazardous especially on a patient with a recent fraxel treatment. Are they doing the procedure wrong, or are there other alternatives?

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UV Light after Fraxel

Fraxel will make you photosensitive for several weeks.  I would confirm with your dermatologist how many weeks they would prefer you wait before you have Zoom performed.  When you have Zoom remember to apply sunscreen to your face before the procedure.

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There is no issue getting Zoom whitening after a Fraxel treatment

I would have no concerns about getting your teeth whitened after a Fraxel laser resurfacing.  If you are concerned, wear heavy sunscreen, but otherwise go for it.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Destin, Florida.

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