How to Avoid Scarring from 15% TCA Peel on Cheeks?

I received a 15% TCA peel and experienced some swelling and lines on my cheeks. They also got a bit crusty and look like they are going to scar. I am worried about scarring, what should I do?

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Scarring is very unlikely with a 15% TCA peel

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Except under remote circumstances, it is extremely unlikely for a 15% TCA peel to result in full thickness injuries and resulting scarring. You should follow your doctor'sinstructions and if you are not comfortable with the way your face looks, you should be seen by him to make sure all is healing well.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Post TCA peel skin care

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I do not know how long you have experienced swelling and "lines" after the TCA peel. TCA 15% peel is a superficial peel and it is normal to experience some swelling, crusty, redness and peeling afterward for up to 10 days. If you have darker skin, you may also experience temporary pigmentation alteration, especially hyperpigmentation. During this time, try to use very gentle skin products on the face and strictly avoid sun exposure or use broad spectrum sunblock. The risk of permanent scarring from this treatment is small overall.

Sherry Li, MD, PhD
New York Dermatologist

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