I Didn't Receive the Results I Expected After Lipo on my Legs, Will Revision Be Possible?

I had lipo a month ago of my inner/outer thighs, back of calves, and hips. My doctor took out what he could bc my legs were very heavy. He got the size out, but now I want liposculpture. I'd like the front of my calves, thighs,Tummy pooch, and knee area done. I spent alot of money on my recent procedure, would this be overly costly and as long of a recovery time? How long would I have to be in a compression garment? When is it safe to have another procedure?

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Liposuction = Liposculpture = Liposuction = Liposculpture?

Do not be lured and fooled by marketing terms.  Liposuction is liposculpture.  They are the same thing.  Liposculpture is a marketing ter. A term used to promote.  I suppose you could say liposculptuire is carefully done liposuction  but holefully all liposuction is carefully done.   Liposculpture is Liposuction.  Be informed.  Call the American Society oof Plastic Surgery for a referral of a Certified Plastic Surgeion who is a member of the American College of Surgeons.   FACS = Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a real trained recognized surgeon.  Good hunting and good luck......Also you are too early at one month to consider surgery. Wait till you are at least one year post op and good things haopen.  Dr Commons

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Liposuction for legs - revision?

Absolutely, but be aware the further you get from the heart in the dependent position, (and the ankles are about as far away as you can get) the longer it takes for the swelling to go away after surgery. Almost any area can be liposuction, but there are inherent issues regarding each specific area. Problem with the legs is long time it takes for the swelling to go away (sometimes six to ten weeks).


Robert K. Sigal, MD
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Liposuction revision

A month out from surgery is pretty early to see the final results. Usually this takes several months. I would wait at least 4-6 months.

Steven Wallach, MD
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