Is It Possible to Receive a Capsulorraphy or Strattice, or Just Some Internal Sutures Without Having an Implant? (photo)

I have had large implants removed, and a lift without having them replaced. The old implnts moved my breast fold much lower than it should be. Now my nipples are high in ratio to the scars and there is basically is no fold at all. I feel it looks like man boobs for the lack of shape. I can see where it can very easily be internally structured a bit. It seems very simple but I cannot find anyone speaking of anything like this wihtout the use of an implant. Thankyou please help!

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High Nipples

Although the pictures are poor quality. The nipples may be too high and the distance from the present inframammary line(SCAR) to the nipple is too long< due to poor design or unstable infra mammary fold.

You need a full evaluation in person take all the measurements and review the operative note of your last surgery and may be a revision of the lift will improve the situation.

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