Receding Gums from Gingivitis, Can Anything be Done to Help?

I have had gingivitis for awhile and even though I have done a lot to get it under control my gums have receded. My four front teeth are straight and the gums that was one in between them have receded to the tops of my teeth. I have straight teeth so there are no black spaces, but I have no natural gum contours around my teeth. They look very large and when I smile all you see is teeth, no gums. What can been done to help this?

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Options to Fix Gum Contours

A couple options to fix your gum contours would be either gingival grafting (taking tissues from elsewhere in the mouth and placing/modeling the gums to where it gives you new contours) or porcelain veneers (placing porcelain over your natural teeth and using the porcelain to fit to your gums-this could also contain some kind of gum surgery). With either option, it would be best to discuss the options with your dentist and/or periodontist so they can design options to your specific needs.

Lancaster Dentist

Receding Gums -

Yes there is help!  The underlying problem is the bone loss associated with periodontal disease.  The gums are just like a tent over the bone. 

A dentist skilled in soft tissue grafting procedures would be your best match, like a periodontist.  They can restore your gumline in most cases.

Justin Mund, DDS
Fort Worth Dentist

What to do about receding gums

You should discuss with your general dentist as well as a periodontist your cosmetic options. Some options are gingival grafting and/or porcelain veneers.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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