Receded Chin, Avoiding Maxillofacial Surgery, What other Options Do I Have? (photo)

I have a noticeable receded chin that I wish I could do something about. I've looked into getting a chin implant for quite a while. The problem is, with my present facial features, a typical implant placement would elongate my face. I rather have delicate feminine features. A dentist once suggested that get maxillofacial surgery to correct my gummy smile. I looked into it and it's too expensive and traumatic to go through for cosmetic reasons alone. I'd appreciate suggestions.

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Bony Genioplasty Will Bring Chin Forward And Shorten It

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You are a classic example of needing a sliding bony genioplasty. This will not only bring the chin bone forward but will vertically shorten it as well. You are largely correct in assuming that a chin implant that can add enough horizontal increase will be bulky and make the chin longer as well. (unless a custom chin implant design is done) Perhaps ideally you need bimaxillary orthognathic surgery to change both the maxillary and mandibular bone positions but, short of that, a bony genioplasty will do a good job of camouflaging the underlying maxillofacial bone problem while providing a good cosmetic improvement.

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