Can I Recap my Teeth a Month Before Braces?

My orthodontist says its better not to and my regular dentist says its ok. I will have the braces on for two years and i have 2 teeth that are old caps. If i dont do it before i will lose the benefit of having insurance. I have 2000 dollars each year and once the braces are on i wont be able to get the caps. These are old caps, they are yellow.

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Crowns Before Or After Orthodontics

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It's certainly possible to redo the crowns before orthodontic treatment. The reason it's better to wait is that the margins of the crowns may not match the shape of the gum line when the braces are finally removed. If the crowns are done first, there may be tooth showing  above or below the crown when orthodontics are completed.

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Can I re cap my teeth before braces?

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Yes you can but I would suggest you do ortho first and when that is completed recap your teeth you will get better results. Sometimes after ortho you will have small malalignments and crowning or caping will make those corrections good luck


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Replacing crowns before orthodontics

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Although I understand that you will be losing your benefits.  It is in your best interest to wait till after the ortho is completed to have the crowns done.  The gums may change during the ortho and it may not look right when completed



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Orthodontics and Recrowning

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First I would say if you are replacing crowns for esthetic reasons then definitely wait until the Orthodontic treatment is completed.  I would also recommend that Invisalign be used if Esthetic results are important as it is much easier to visualize the final result and design the case from the beginning with Invisalign. 

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