I'm transexual. How to Rebuild my Face by Removing Liquid Silicon?

Hello! Im transexual and about 7 years ago i have injected silicon in my face, body now i get many deformities in my body and face, i was make 5 surgeries lifting etc.. but still have in one side, i think to search a dr. in USA now I'm from brazil. Thank you

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I would check for a referral on the transexual internet forums.


Liquid silicone is the curse that keeps on giving.  Restoring a face after it has been devastated by liquid silicone is basically impossible but you probably now that.  Further surgery may or may not be ideal but you may not feel you have many options at this point.  I would encourage you to correspond with the transexual community online for this type of recommendation rather than solicit the opinions of surgeons who are generally not the end consumer of these services.  You want someone with excellent credential, hospital privileges, and a proven ability to make a difference, and an actual track record of working sensitively with transexual individuals.  

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