Rebound Congestion After Septoplasty? (photo)

1month post septoplasty i had a series nose bleeding because i was blowing my nose too much i had control the bleeding by saline water but it was temporary because 2 days later the bleeding start again so i went to another doctor he gave me xylo-mepha spray and antibiotic because he heal the wound by heat . I used the spray for 5 days twice per day and i heared that i may addict it so i quiet it now i feel stiffness can i use ephedrine drop to heal the rebound congestion without addicting to it.

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Rebound congestion is from the decongestant, not the surgery

The decongestant sprays you used and currently use will contribue to ongoing rebound congestion.  If the nose bleeds have stopped, you should stop using nasal decongestant sprays.  You may feel more obstructed for a while but the rebound effect will eventually wear off.  You can use a prescription nasal steroid spray to ease the transition somewhat.

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