Is It Possible to Reattach the M. Nasolabialis Muscle to the Septum?

My doctor released the m. nasolabialis muscle (in addition to the depressor septi) during septorhinoplasty (approx. 4.5 years ago). As a result my upper lip does not have the definition it did before the surgery, does not move the same, and seems longer. Is it possible to reattach this muscle to the septum. If so how difficult is the procedure and is there any high risks involved that could lead to more soft tissue damage? Thank You

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Reattaching the Depressor Septi Muscle

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It's hard to reattachthat muscle because prior to detachment to improve the nose, it was attached along  a long line to the upper jaw bone, just above the teeth. 

Sorry you are having the problem. Usually, that procedure is without problems or complications.


-Robert Kotler, MD,FACS


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