Reasons Why the Two Surgeons Never Gave Back my Misti Gold Dow Corning Silicone Breast Implants?

hello my name is susan,in 2008 i had my breast implants taken out after being very ill,i repeatedly asked for them back,they were never shown to me or handed back to me.I privately paid for them so they should of gave them back to me,do you think you could try and help me understand why they were hidden from me.5 years later and im still very ill and on sick benefit as i cant work.thankyou susan.x

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Removed Breast Implants Given to Patients?

      Breast implants that are removed in the OR are usually disposed of in biohazard bags.  I guess the implants could be given to patients, but I have not had this request. 

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Why the Two Surgeons Never Gave Back my Misti Gold Dow Corning Silicone Breast Implants

Used breast implants, like other implants removed from patients are considered biohazards, and are disposed of unless the patient has specifically asked for them. That is pretty much a universal practice. 

Incidentally, the Misti--Gold implants were sold by a company called "Bioplasty", and were filled with a substance called polyvinylpyrrolidone-hydrogel, rather than saline or silicone gel.  The FDA pulled them off the market because they were not approved products. 

Best wishes.

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Returning Breast Implants to Patient?

 I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have experienced. As you can imagine, however online consultants will not be able to speculate as to exactly what occurred around the time of your breast implant removal surgery. Generally speaking, I cannot think of any reason why a plastic surgeon would “hide” removed breast implants from you,  unless their return to the company for evaluation was necessary. I'm sure your plastic surgeon will be able to respond much more precisely.

Best wishes.

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I wanted my implant back after removal

There is really no reason why you could not have taken control of your implants.  I  would just run them through the autoclave before giving them to a patient. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Nobody can answer this except your surgeons

You would have to ask them what became of your implants.  Maybe the facility had a policy requiring them to be sent to pathology, then handled according to the hospital's disposal protocols (many hospitals have such policies).  Maybe your surgeon's directed the facility staff to give you those implants, but they fell through the cracks somewhere in the process.  Don't assume any conspiracy theory here. Just ask your surgeons.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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